The Bridgewater Fund


When YOU give to the Bridgewater Fund
YOU change lives.

"My parents could not understand why I would take an internship over the pay I would get working my landscaping job. I doubted myself every day. I could no longer go home and give a few bucks to my family for my share of household expenses. I looked for quarters on the floor of my car. I had nothing to fall back on and I needed to think about the future,but my parents were thinking about the here and now. It was hard, we butted heads, they just didn't understand. Now I'm leaving BSU with corporate experience on my resume. I have a foot in the door...a one up. It was the best decision I've ever made and I wouldn't have done it without Bridgewater."  - Brendan Moore '18 Finance Major

Students are struggling with rising costs. They need opportunities such as internships to make them more marketable after graduation and with state funding declining, times are even tougher.Your donation will provide financial assistance to hard-working and deserving BSU students, like Brendan, struggling to find a balance between work and school. Your gift today has the power to change a life. Thank You!

 Please consider a gift to our Bridgewater Fund so that we can continue to keep opportunities of higher education alive.


  Primary Contact:
  Betsy Dubuque
  Director of Development

Secondary Contact:

Tiffany Macauley
Assistant Director of Development