Guy Clifford Scholarship Award




The Guy Clifford Scholarship Fund
Positioning Bridgewater State University students to make an impact
in our local and global communities

"Your gift  was the encouragement I needed to keep going in the program.  Thanks to you, I worried a little less about my finances so that I could focus on my education responsibilities.  You gave me the opportunity to continue my education!"

-Meredith Deacon, 2014 Cuy Clifford Scholarship Recipient

Because of donors like you...

Students like Meredith Deacon are able to pursue their master's in Public Administration at Bridgewater State University and...

• Advance the economic, civic and political life of our local and global community.

• Improve the quality of life for our students and individuals they will go on to serve.

• Alleviate the financial burden that many students face.

Primary Contact:
Betsy Dubuque
Associate Director of Advancement Operations