Children's Physical Development Clinic


Children's Physical Developmental Clinic at 
Bridgewater State University



For more than 40 years, Bridgewater State University has sponsored the Children's Physical Developmental Clinic (CPDC), a professional development, service learning, and leadership engagement program designed to prepare tomorrow's community leaders. The mission of the clinic is to improve the "total development" of children with disabilities through successful involvement in motor, recreation, sport and social/emotional activities for 65 children from Massachusetts and Rhode Island communities.

The children range in age from 18 months to 18 years old. Over 100 students serve as clinicians and group leaders each semester, making the CPDC the largest student organization on campus.

Your gift to CPDC will…

• Help to improve the total development of children with disabilities by enhancing vital physical, motor and aquatic skills and patterns

• Assist more than 100 BSU student clinicians and group leaders augment their professional preparation each semester, by providing the opportunities to build critical skills necessary when seeking employment or graduate school.

Your support changes lives of children and students forever.Thank you for making your gift to CPDC!


Primary Contact
Sheila Campbell
Administrative Director